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South Australia’s most scenic coastal routes

Beautiful coastal road with overlooking the sea

So you’ve picked up your rental car and you are ready to hit the road! Having a car means the freedom to get out of Metropolitan Adelaide and explore some of South Australia’s most scenic natural drives. Here’s our pick of where you should let your new wheels take you:

1. Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Stretching around 120km north-south, the Flinders Ranges are SA’s best kept secret. If you’re looking for good views, you’ve come to the right place! Any of the weather-worn roads which criss-cross the Flinders Ranges deliver in terms of natural beauty. There is a reason countless film directors and artists have been inspired by these rugged peaks! If you’re after some show-stopping pictures, stop off at the classic lonely road which transcends the Razorback Lookout, or park up next to the Bunyeroo Valley on the Brachina Gorge Road. While a 4WD or off-roader will come in handy, any rental vehicle should be capable of making most, if not all, of the journey.

2. Southern Ocean Road

If you are more drawn to expansive coastlines than soaring peaks, check out the Southern Ocean Road! Many are familiar with its Victorian cousin, but the Southern Ocean Road boasts stunning cliff faces and roaring waves that the east coast can’t match. Along the way you will find beautiful private beaches and fertile wine country, making it the perfect journey as well as the ultimate destination. For the more adventurous, there’s caving and kayaking abound – or park the car on the shore and explore beautiful Kangaroo Island.

3. Heritage Rail Trail

If you’ve got more time, and want to see more of what SA has to offer, the 14 townships between Broken Hill and Port Pirie will deliver. An insightful peak into Australia’s industrious period spanning the late 1890s, the broken railway line which winds its way through lush countryside is a poignant reminder of days gone by. The highlight of the trip: the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre at Peterborough – about three hours drive from Central Adelaide. Stop for a photo, stay for the after dark light and sound show, and fall in love with its old world charm.

So now that you’ve got a travel itinerary planned, don’t hesitate – book your rental car in Glenelg today and start exploring the gems of the south!

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