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Courtesy Car Hire in Adelaide, South Australia

It’s always a stressful time when you experience car trouble. When you’re travelling to work, or you need to get to an important meeting, or if you’d simply planned a day exploring the local sites while on holiday, the last thing you want to think about having to deal with is a car with a flat tyre – or worse.

When you’re in need of accident car replacement in South Australia, you need a company that is quick to respond, and happy to provide a hire car. Pricewise Car Rentals provides hire cars at a competitive price to get you on your way and back on the road.

For affordable, reliable and efficient car hire on a budget in Glenelg, Pricewise Car Rentals offers free pick up and drop off within 10km and have a great range of available automobiles for hire.

Why choose Pricewise Car Rentals for your next courtesy car hire?

Can you realistically manage without your car? If you need a car to get to work, drop the kids at school, or have plans of going to the beach, we’ll make sure that your day is not disrupted. Whether your car is booked in for a routine service or under repair following an automotive incident, contact us today for a replacement vehicle.

Pricewise Car Rentals offers the best value for money. We offer the following fantastic benefits:

Roadside assistance and airport pickups.

We won’t let your car issues interrupt your day. We’ll bring the car to you, right where you are.

Well-maintained and the latest courtesy car models.

We’ll match the courtesy car to the exact model that you own. Choose from a wide variety of exclusive car models. 

Book now, pay on pickup option.

The courtesy car will be sent to your address free of charge, and you have the option to pay only upon pickup. 

Free courtesy cars.

You have access to free courtesy cars via your insurance provider through easy online booking. Save yourself the trouble of waiting for the insurance company’s verdict, get a courtesy car while your vehicle is in repair.

With quality service from friendly professionals, Pricewise Car Rentals offers the best service in car rentals in Glenelg. By choosing Pricewise Car Rentals, you’ll be rest assured your travels and the rest of your time here will be incident and hassle free.

When Do You Need a Courtesy Car?

A courtesy car is a vehicle that is temporarily lent to a customer by a garage, dealership or insurance company at no extra cost to them. It might be required by your warranty provider or insurance company, when your own car has been damaged, or when you’ve been in an accident that is not your fault.

Accidents can keep you off the road for a long time, depending on the damage your car has sustained. You might need to wait for months until your car has been fully repaired.

Fret not, Pricewise Car Rentals can help you get back on the road in a short matter of time. We work with insurance companies to provide service to customers who have been inconvenienced by an automotive incident or a car that has broken down. The person at fault’s insurer will take care of the rental car payment and all you have to do is to provide Pricewise the details.

Pricewise Car Rentals Services

Pricewise Car Rentals offers a great range of Mitsubishi and Toyota models to select from to suit your needs. We offer the lowest price guaranteed, so you know you’ll always receive the best value when booking with us.

Lowest Price Guarantee

No Credit Card Fee

Low Deposit Booking

Customer Support

Mazda CX5 | Pricewise Car Rentals

If you’ve experienced a car accident or fault, give Pricewise Car Rentals a contact now. We have an experienced mechanic on site to assist getting you back on the road in no time and provide a hire car while you wait. We ensure quality repairs and have access to a local smash repair shop nearby.

Conveniently located close to Glenelg, Pricewise Car Rentals offers complimentary pickup and drop off within 10kms of your accommodation. Give us a call today for more information and to discuss your car hire needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For the Best Car Renting Experience

For the Best Car Renting Experience

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