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Rates and Insurance

Minimum 2 day car hire.

These are base rates and can be altered to peak rates at any time.

 Car Hire Per DayExtra Reduction Insurance Per DayPer KM over 200km per day
Medium Car$80**$10*$0.20
Large Car$125**$10*$0.20

*Standard excess $4,000 reduced to $750 by paying the extra fee of $10 per day as Extra Reduction Insurance Cover. If Extra Reduction Insurance Cover is not taken a $3,000 deposit or credit card will be required which will be returned after final inspection, plus a non-refundable Bank Surcharge of $30.00.

**Car Hire Per Day fees will come into line from the 5th day of a booking, with the advertised rates for all vehicles.

Single vehicle accidents excess is $3,000 and cannot be reduced.

For the Best Car Renting Experience

For the Best Car Renting Experience

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