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Can I reduce my limits of responsibility?

The purchase of Excess Reduction Insurance will reduce the amount of excess the Hirer is liable for. Note that the excess can not be waived in full.

Is GST included in the price?

Yes, GST (Goods and Services Tax) is included in all prices quoted.

What am I covered for when I rent a vehicle?

The Hirer is responsible for all damage to, or theft of the Pricewise Car Rentals as described in the Pricewise Car Rentals Rental Agreement. For an additional fee, Pricewise Car Rentals will reduce the Hirer’s responsibility through the purchase of Excess Reduction Insurance at the time of hire.

Can I take my Rental Vehicle off-road?

Pricewise Car Rentals vehicles must only be used on a road which is properly constructed as a sealed road. Vehicles are not permitted to be taken to Kangaroo Island, on Beaches, or through streams dams, rivers or flood waters.

What are the Seat Belt laws in Australia?

All States of Australia have mandatory Seat Belt laws. All drivers and passengers must wear seat belts when travelling in Pricewise Car Rentals vehicles. Hefty will penalties apply if the Driver and/or Passengers are not wearing seat belts.

What is the minimum hire period?

The minimum period is 48 hours.

Fees and Charges - Do I have to pay for Fuel?

Pricewise Car Rentals rate do not include fuel. Pricewise Car Rentals offer two (2) options for fuel:

1. Return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when hired and no refueling fees will apply; or

2. Return the vehicle with less fuel than when hired and pay a refueling service charge for the fuel used (the refueling service charge is a rate higher than the local retail fuel prices).

For the Best Car Renting Experience

For the Best Car Renting Experience

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